We offer competitively priced weekly Ballroom / Latin-American Lessons with Social Dancing on Sunday Evenings in Colliers Wood and also individual dance lessons at your own venue.

We can also offer dance lessons tailored to the needs of groups or individuals, Guest teaching, DJ hire, Corporate events, Weddings, Parties and a Professional Dance partnering service.

We can travel outside of London if so required.

We also help to promote other selected people’s events via one of our mailing lists.

If you hire us to teach or perform, we can now also help promote that event on our desktop website www.BestSalsa.Co.UK.

Why Dance?

Any type of dancing is great fun and is a brilliant social asset and can give you access to a whole new range of friends.

Dancing regularly reduces stress & risk of Alheimer's Disease, helps keep you fit, improves your coordination whilst building your confidence. It’s a partial cure for depression too.

Partner dancing, in particular, helps you to interact with other people & it’s such a great way to break the ice when meeting a potential new friend.

Swing music & dancing helped to break down interacial hatred in America during the 20th century, but any form of partner dancing can even be a tool to help to reduce racism, predjudice &/or a even long-standing war as may be seen in the video below.All forms of partner dancing are about 2 or more people moving together in harmony with the music. It therefore makes sense to learn to understand something about the rhythm of the music in order to dance well with musical interpretation.

If you cannot synchronise with your partner you find yourselves treading on each other’s feet & bumping into each other. If you & your partner move successfully together, but are not in time with the music, you may feel comfortable, but it still would not look good.

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